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00 - born Rockhampton, Queensland
06 - starts school in small country town in Queensland
17 - leaves school in small country town in Queensland
18 - goes to art school
20 - drops out of art school, joins a punk band, moves to Brisbane
21 - self-releases 7” EP with aforementioned punk band
24 - spends significant amount of time in Bulgaria
26 - spends significant amount of time in Ireland
27 - becomes the father of an extraordinary son
28 - enrols to study
31 - graduates with BA with Honours I
32 - becomes the father of a second extraordinary son
34 - moves to Hobart
36 - self-releases 12” EP
38 - graduates with PhD in Aesthetic Philosophy
39 - moves to Melbourne
42 - is married to an extraordinary person
43 - self-releases Double-LP
47 - builds this website; works as a lecturer in Digital Innovation at Deakin University; makes and records long-form experimental sounds; works hard at being subversive, yet kind; plays intermittently with local experimental black metal / depressive noise rock collective Expurgatory and curates outsider creative collective HAUNT; make zines; makes art.

Throughout (specifically the last 30 years) - AW has exhibited, performed, published, presented (nationally and internationally) and been generally present as some sort of creative, critical, experimental entity in a range of fields and disciplines. While never successful by any standard measure, he appears to have a Sisyphean drive (or predetermination) to persist. If you would like to contact him, please email andrewwear@me.com and say hi.