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We acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the lands on which we work. We pay our respects to their Elders, past and present, and the Elders from other communities.

The HAUNT Collective (herein the collective) is driven by the desire to make tangible, positive change through subversive (yet kind) acts of creativity.

The collective is mindful, transparent and is committed to sustainable practice.

The collective will always open its eyes to, and welcome, difference. The collective is particularly willing to support those who find themselves at odds with notions of publicity, marketing and profitability as integral to creative practice. The collective is particularly willing to support those who find themselves aligned with notions of humility, inventiveness and integrity of idea in creative practice.

The collective will never generate profit in the name of its own enrichment. All profit will be directed to organisations committed to saving and/or improving the lives of those most in need.

We do not have members. We have alliances of contributors who are valued no matter how ephemeral or long-standing their involvement. Involvement will not ever cost money; only the time invested in the creation of work.

Naturally, contributors to the collective are free to work, encouraged to work and supported in their work outside the collective. Indeed it is hoped that their involvement with the collective will generate new audiences and opportunities that will benefit their work beyond the collective.

All creative output will be considered as viable for the collective’s presence and agenda, however certain factors will determine its place. While artworks will, in the spirit of subversion, inevitably be critical and/or political, they should be aesthetically and ethically driven by a desire for betterment through progressive intent. No works that offend or are contrary to the spirit of kindness will gain platform.

The curators of the collective will, initially, determine the viability of all works submitted. All curators will be open, transparent and willing to be challenged with regards this process.

The curators of the collective will be responsible for distributing, recording and reporting on the monies raised to the recipient organisations (namely Effective Altruism Australia and the Sticky Institute). The curators must be willing to discuss, openly and honestly, all financial movements.

Andy Wear

Head Curator, the HAUNT Collective                                      May 2017


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Barbe Scarlette
Mengo Lee
Olivia Hittmann
The Evils 


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