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Ok, so here’s week three. By the way, you can jump into any week - 12 | 4 | 5 | 6 - there are no rules...

Sunday April 12 2020

Well I’ll be. This is a thing:

There may be a new song in this afternoon. Watch this space.

Saturday April 11 2020

I am conscious of the fact that I’m leaning quite heavily on the meandering doodle and/or achival material to beef up the content here. I do think that this archaeological endeavor is in itself emblematic of the times we find ourselves in. Little pockets of time, of creativity, surfacing.

To this; I’ve been sitting on this song for some time. I’m very unsure about it, and baring all here in sharing this. I paid a guy in the States $45 to put down a drum track for it - how about that? This is a thing people do. So, my concern is that it threatens to tip over into Coldplay territory occasionally. I’d like some thoughts on how I could resurrect it. I thought a female vocalist might be good in the mix. Maybe redo the lyrics for improved enunciation. It’s been so close to the bin for so long, but I just can’t bring myself to turf it. Maybe it was the $45 I threw at it.

And here’s a painting I did not so long ago. The technique is a little bit wanting, but oil on card is a nice medium/surface (although beware the oils seeping into the card - note stains near this little guy’s legs).

Friday April 10 2020

Easter Friday public holiday so taking the day off. I did, however, find this gig poster from 1993 or 1994. Not quite sure which, but either way, it was a long time ago.

Thursday April 9 2020

I have been meditating on this track for a while before deciding to share it with you all. It’s ok,it’s long.

Wednesday April 8 2020

Fuck it. Poor old John Prine. They really got the wrong guy. Yes, I just have to put ‘Everything is Cool’ up here but his NPR show is amazing.

Tuesday April 7 2020 I did more digging in the archives and found a bunch of notes and drawings I did from a trip to Burma in 1997. I followed on from Burma to Dublin (of course I did) so there’s a few sketches from that part of the adventure, too. Can’t say I’ve developed much stylistically, but when you’re on a good thing...

Monday April 6 2020

I’ve been caught up with this EP. I love it so much. The title track (Track 2) is really on/in my mind at the moment, but then I get grabbed by another track. It’s so sweet, melancholic. Beautiful, unusual progressions. Right for these times.

And after last week’s blast of inky sketches I’ve been digging around my archives for evidence of this as a long-held method and aesthetic. Look, see! From my trek from Moscow to Tiranë back in 1995...click on the pics to make them grow magically bigger. In order (from first to last) Saint Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow (собо́р Васи́лия Блаже́нного); a ticket to a football match between Bulgaria and Albania; dinner on $2 in Romania and a very poor gypsy in Brašov, Romania.