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Ok, so here’s week two. If you want Week 1, click above...

And in case you missed it, here’s my spiel:

I have decided to spend my time over the next however-long-in-relative-isolation making things, drawing pictures, taking photos, recording sounds and making and listening to music. I’ll be putting them here for posterity and/or others’ curiosity (if not delight).
I’m not wanting to make anything personal of the whole crisis - I’m one of the luckiest ones. I just want to keep active and offer distractions for those who might like one occasionally.
Please note - and make use of - the little lightning bolt icon in the top right-hand side of the page. That’s how / where you can contact me. I take requests.
By the way, you can jump into any week - 1 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 - there are no rules...

Sunday April 5 2020
I must confess to letting the team down today. Nothing much to report - it’s been quite the week. I do happen to have something seriously fun in the pipeline, and it’s taking all of my courage to not share it with you now. So patience, please. Uh, I did do this:

Saturday April 4 2020
Exciting times - caught up with aforementioned chum Jason Ng this morning to reconnect and rework some of our rough cut tracks we’d put together. Idea is we’ll have some kind of virtual release under the moniker JNAW. So out came the gear.
Things got messy by the day’s end, but I think we made good progress...
Friday April 3 2020
So as you can see, there was noodling while on  conference call after conference call, but also got some film back from the lab. I’ve dropped in a little gallery display of some of the better ones below. Just click on it and it will open up for your viewing pleasure. The B&W is a roll of Rollei RPX25 (such precision and contrast) and the colour is a roll of Kodak Portra 400 (a bit grainy, but rich).

Thursday April 2 2020
These days be getting busy, so more noodling, fewer epic productions I’m afraid. Of course there’s always a good song or two to be shared. Late last year I had my body modified a little by a neurosurgeon, and in recovery I spent quite sometime listening to this EP by Jessica Pavone. I wrote to her to tell her how much I enjoyed it as the soundtrack to my recuperation and she wrote back to me to say how she had appreciated me reaching out. I really appreciated her writing back. So much appreciation. And may it continue.

Wednesday April 1 2020For better or for worse I missed the opportunity to fool anyone today; but, I’m nobody’s fool. I do have some more musical offerings coming shortly (for those of you tiring of my visual offerings), but a couple of interesting artists I’d like to present to you: one I’ve been listening to on and off for a long time - Polish avant-gardeist Stara Rzeka's second (and last) album "Zamknęły się oczy ziemi". It’s a peculiar amalgam of drone, metal and folk...sounds terrible, I know, but works. This came out in 2015.
And this; Eli Keszler’s Stadium; a percussive wonderland of mixed genres and styles. Just out. Rad.
And some art. Oil  on ceramic tiles, ink on paper and pen on paper.

Tuesday March 31 2020
Mostly observational output today (see images, below). Yes, there was doodling, and a little game of peekaboo for ye - who is the artist? Tell me and I’ll send you a dollar via PayPal.

Something else I’d like to share with you is some work I’ve been doing with my chum and (now ex) colleague Jason Ng. Jason is a true artisté, like, the real deal, and has been kind enough to grace my humble home recording studio with his musical presence. We hung out at the Melbourne Electronic Sound Studio (MESS) a few times and had a blast on a few of their old analogue synths. We pulled a few tracks together, one of which had the working title ‘In Our 20s’, which appears to have stuck. A tad spooky, but I like it.

And here’s the day’s sole doodle (no time for mucking around) and guess who?

Monday March 30 2020

I really have been enjoying using ink and brush. The pen is so muscular. The sweep of the brush, the uncertainty of the ink and its interplay with water.

I do have a new track for your listening pleasure: Bastardo! Much like its namesake, the  piquant cheese, it’s equal parts  disturbing and exhilarating.