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I have decided to spend my time over the next however-long-in-relative-isolation making things, drawing pictures, taking photos, recording sounds and making and listening to music. I’ll be putting them here for posterity and/or others’ curiosity (if not delight).
I’m not wanting to make anything personal of the whole crisis - I’m one of the luckiest ones. I just want to keep active and offer distractions for those who might like one occasionally.
I’m thinking I’ll add something every day. This page will be for the first week.
Please note - and make use of - the little lightning bolt icon in the top right-hand side of the page. That’s how / where you can contact me. I take requests.
By the way, you can jump into any week - 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 - there are no rules...

Sunday March 29 2020

Because I am relentlessly mysterious, I have called this track SHOXII. Because you have nothing better to do for the next 19 minutes, you should listen to it. It’s meditative, kinda. Or annoying. Depends on your vibe.

Alternatively, there’s something much lovelier for you here from Cass McComb’s 2016 album Mangy Love. The whole album is superb (I’m a fan of the first track, Bum bum bum, in particular) but this is lovely.

I recently submitted something in to this art award. I don’t know why the fuck I do this, honestly...how many of these things have I entered, grants applied for that have been unsuccessful? Probably about 8. Feels like 8000.

So, well, you see, there are these huge wrap-around digital billboards on the corner of Flinders and Elizabeth Street;  they were proposing two works (one for each, one portrait and one landscape).

Anyway I’d been on this thing about ‘The Future Poets of Tarneit’...a celebration of an imaginary and emergent poetry collective. A hope that somewhere, out there, amidst the sprawling decay, isolated from the pretences and folly of the inner-north, inner-sanctum creative monopoly, there is beauty. Hope. Typewriters clacking, pencils chewed. So, there’s the concept, and here’s the execution. I mean, imagine yourself at the lights, anticipating a few delicious Platform 1 potato cakes, when, behold!

(you’ll next to click on the images to get the full multidimensional experience)


Aaaaanyway, as one-of-my-least-favourite-sayings goes,  when life gives you lemons, kick a few non-precious items around the backyard, get in a strop for a few hours and make a zine about the whole experience. If you’d like a copy (sanitized) let me know. I may have one left. Or 800.

Saturday March 28 2020

This song is ridiculous, truly ridiculous, but I really did want to at least once in my life (and once only) record a song with its beat sourced from a game of ping pong.

Otherwise it’s the simple pleasures that have kept me going today: sunshine and timber.

Friday March 27 2020

Today was busy - unusually so. As such I was unable to generate much that constitutes creative output. So here’s a couple of oldies. Gouache on paper, A4-ish. Not only do I love saying GOUACHE; I love using it. It’s like watercolour on crack. 

Thursday March 26 2020

While I am continuing to create new work, I thought now would be an ok time to dig up some unreleased works. You know, while everyone is a little more forgiving (he states, hopefully...). So, for instance, this piece that I created on my iPad while in Italy a coupla years back. There’s certainly a bit of a theme here, yes? I was on a train, and I think I gave it the working title Ancona because that was the station we were parked at. 

And did you know that once upon a time I was asked to contribute to a WHAM! cover album? True story, and here’s the evidence. 

Oh and by the way, I identified the TTII listed in yesterday’s diagram. It’s The Thing In Itself a.k.a noumenon...of course it is.

And here’s a painting. Look at those lollylegs go!

Wednesday March 25 2020

I’ve returned to John Carter’s Castles of Ghana. I sat on the creek for a while at lunch and listened to this, watching the ducks navigate the waterweed. We had a long-necked turtle appear the other day - that’s a first. There’s a part of me imagining that as the humans go into lock down, nature rises (in this case, literally) from the deep.

I took a blurry photo of said turtle.
I’ve been on a lot of virtual meetings. I’ve been doing a lot of doodling. If you see images posted with the medium of BIC Cristal M on lined paper, chances are it’s my meeting inspiration.
I found this fantastic diagram from one of my research books. Looks amazing but I have no recollection of what TTii is. If anyone can assist please let me know. I don’t think it’s the Trinidad & Tobago Insurance Institute, but their website is worth a visit.
Oh, and I bought some shopping home the other day in this box - kept a panel to celebrate the typography. Check it! Gnocchi! Yeah!

Tuesday March 24 2020

So here we go. Last night’s listening delight was tangential to yesterday’s offering. I was going to say antithetical to, but then realised there is something in the peripatetic fuzz of the opening track on Kitchen Floor’s new EP that nods in the direction of minimalism. There’s a nihilism in it that’s a bit whack-a-doo, but coming from Brisbane is tough work.

Last night I got the brush and ink out. Apologies for the emaciation vibe. Totally unintended.

And then at lunchtime I took a break and played an old Hüsker Dü song. They’re a funny band - those who grew up or into loving them represent one of the most loyal fanbases imaginable. I know their place as outliers in the muscular 80s US hardcore scene appealed to many like me. They played fast,  with a weird sense of harmony but a knack for writing songs that were always a breath short of becoming hits or anthems. Newcomers rarely enjoy their sound. Especially from this album released in 1987; something of a nadir in terms of music production. Speaking of nadirs in music production, this was recorded on my phone :)

Monday March 23 2020

Was doodling ponderously last night (ponderous doodles below) and loving Ornette Coleman’s ‘Friends and Neighbors’ hoedown very much before I went deep into Giusto Pio’s amazing minimalist work Motore immobile; a timely meditation on the unfathomable tragedy unfolding - particularly in Italy.

And, while not strictly ‘of the now’ I only just got this nice photo back from the developer (taken on a recent break up to Castlemaine with the nice film camera I decided to get myself last year).

...and listening to PEL Podcast this morning on Montesquieu (link below), and thought this timely:

“They who love to inform themselves, are never idle. Though I have no business of consequence to take care of, I am nevertheless continually employed. I spend my life in examining things: I write down in the evening whatever I have remarked, what I have seen, and what I have heard in the day: every thing engages my attention, and every thing excites my wonder: I am like an infant, whose organs, as yet tender, are strongly affected by the slightest objects.” Montesquieu, Persian Letters

May my tender organs withstand this solitude...