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This will be my last week doing daily updates. It’s a lot of work, and have realised that it’s generating its own stress ecosystem, whcih means it is not serving its ultimate purpose. Week 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 are all there for the memories, so feel free to dive in to relive the good timez. Ok, so here’s week six. Week 6...ciao

Thursday April 30 2020

Here is a curious thing. According to the analytics for this page, I had three visits from someone in Boardman, Oregon. I had a look-see at Boardman via satellite view and came up with nought other than this beautiful satellite image of the surrounding farmlands - that’s enough to share for one day, surely.
Oh, and by the way, if said visitor from Boardman could reach out and say hi, please do. I’m curious. And friendly. 

Wednesday April 29 2020
This takes some commitment, but hey, it’s taken me the best part of a year-and-a-half to pull this together (and I’m still not quite happy with it...) so take a chance. Be warned: it’s 33-odd minutes long. But consider it meditative practice. Actually, in all seriousness, the audio has been proven (I have the data) to be helpful for productivity. So whack it on and have a listen while you work. Or, get high and watch the whole video, on repeat, until you just can’t take it anymore.

Tuesday April 28 2020
You know, I learnt something today. Actually,  more than that - an affirmation. Sometimes you’ve just got to let things be. You know that track I shared (I think it was last week) called ‘Underdog’? Well, I decided that I liked it, but it needed some love, a spruce up, a wave of the 21st Century wand waved over it. And I was wrong. And I have evidence. Three days I spent noodling, carving, tweaking, thumping it. This is the resulting 2020 version:
and this is the original 2000 version:
The new one has lost its spunk. And the vocals - yuck. I couldn’t evern bring myself to share them. My voice has changed, yes. The old vocal chords have gotten a bit salty; but that’s no excuse. Well anyhoos, that’s the story of a song, twenty years in the making (and breaking). x
Monday April 27 2020
Any minute now... In the meantime, enjoy this video of a band I was once in (circe 1992)...
Look at how pretty we were! This be the ‘classic’ line-up (c.1991) (L-R) Neil Herdegen, Julian Dent, moi, Geoff Corbett. A heads up to all other members - original vocalist Greg ‘Stick’ Kitchen (1989); original drummer Jonathan Keene (1989-1990), lead guitarist Glen ‘Pecker’ Andrews (1992-1994) and drummer Casey Hilliard (1991-1994).